[SOLD] Hornby R2232 GWR Kenilworth Castle steam tender locomotive

Hornby R2232 GWR Kenilworth Castle steam tender locomotive

This highly collectable and powerful model is the extremely hard to get hold of & very rare Hornby R2232 model of the GWR Great Western Railway Castle class steam locomotive ‘Kenilworth Castle’.  The model is in mint factory fresh condition and has been shelf stored since new.  It is just as good as the day it was first made and it has never seen or been on a layout.  The engine & tender are still wrapped in their original despatch tissue.  This rarely available 4-6-0 locomotive is finished in GWR matt green livery and with the correct, black spoked wheels it is absolutely stunning.  This item was constructed in 2001 in the modern manner.  This locomotive, numbered 4097, is just as good as the day it was first made and it would be impossible to obtain a better condition item.  We removed the model from the box for the digital scan and the model has all detailing exactly as it should be.  Wired handrails, red boiler bands and a single copper rimmed chimney are just 3 of the instantly recognizable features of this item.  The model is just a beautifully made evocative item.  The 6-wheel none corridor tender is in just as mint condition and is clearly marked with the GWR insignia.   It does not house the motor as this version is the original locomotive powered model with the motor in the boiler area.  The tender is fitted at the rear with the correct Hornby tension lock coupling.  The original box is in a bright, sharp, unfaded and fully intact condition.   The box is correctly labelled for the contents it protects.  Inside the box the locomotive is protected by the original and undamaged, cream coloured polystyrene surround.  The original Hornby instructions numbered R22322601 remain with this item as does the sealed packet that contains the additional brake rod super detailing.  In all respects this item is in exactly the condition that you would wish to receive it so bid with confidence on what is a very fine and extremely rarely available model.

This item predates digital control but should be an easy conversion to be DCC ready with the correct Hornby chip.

As all of our items are collectables and may have been stored for a long time, we would recommend that if the model is to be run, a light lubrication and dust removal would be appropriate ( where applicable ).

This product has Sold Out. Check the blog for stock updates.

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